FedIoT: FL for Internet of Things (IoT) datasets – 2021

Description: Due to the heterogeneity, diversity, and personalization of IoT networks, Federated Learning (FL) has a promising future in the IoT cybersecurity field. As a result, we present the FedIoT, an open research platform and benchmark to facilitate FL research in the IoT field. In particular, we propose an autoencoder based trainer to IoT traffic Continue Reading »

Wind Energy Datasets – 2020

Description: This dataset is based on the book: Data Science for Wind Energy. A  group of datasets collected from differnt inland and offshore windfarms and collects wind time-series data. Here each windfarm may acts as an client in a federated scenario.

Link to Dataset

Federated Desktop 3D printers – 2021

Description: This dataset presents the relationships between the average nominal speed and the average measured acceleration for six identical printers (Ender 3 Pro) air printing cubes with size 20 × 20 × 3mm. For each print, the layer height is 0.2mm (i.e., each print has 15 layers), and a five-second pause is commanded between Continue Reading »

UCL-Smartphone Dataset – 2016

Description: The dataset is derived by carrying out experiments with a group of 30 volunteers within an age bracket of 19-48 years. Each person performed six activities (WALKING, WALKING_UPSTAIRS, WALKING_DOWNSTAIRS, SITTING, STANDING, LAYING) wearing a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S II) on the waist. Using its embedded accelerometer and gyroscope,  3-axial linear acceleration and 3-axial angular Continue Reading »

BraTS Dataset – 2018

Description: BraTS 2018 is a dataset that is commonly used in the healthcare landscape. It provides multimodal 3D brain MRIs and ground truth brain tumor segmentations annotated by physicians, consisting of 4 MRI modalities per case (T1, T1c, T2, and FLAIR). Annotations include 3 tumor sub-regions—the enhancing tumor, the peritumoral edema, and the necrotic and Continue Reading »

Datasets from FAD

Overview: Federated AI Dataset (FAD) is jointly created by WeBank AI group and other collaborators to facilitate the advancement of academic research and industrial applications of federated learning.

Street Camera Dataset

This is a real-world object detection dataset that annotates images captured by a set of street cameras based on object present in them, including Continue Reading »