Datasets from FAD

Overview: Federated AI Dataset (FAD) is jointly created by WeBank AI group and other collaborators to facilitate the advancement of academic research and industrial applications of federated learning.

Street Camera Dataset

This is a real-world object detection dataset that annotates images captured by a set of street cameras based on object present in them, including 7 object categories. In this dataset, each or every few cameras serve as a device. The federated street dataset captures common objects on the streets by CCTV cameras, including motobikes, buckets, umbrella, and so on. Specifically, the dataset contains more than 900 images generated from 26 street cameras and 7 object categories annotated with detailed bounding box. The data distribution is non-IID and unbalanced, reflecting the characteristic real-world federated learning scenarios. Note that this dataset requires the  permission from the provider.

Link to Data

A paper using this dataset: Paper Link