CALCE  Battery Datasets

The CALCE battery datasets were collected by the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) battery group at the University of Maryland. The CALCE data set contains a variety of experiments on different types of batteries. Dataset is available through their official website. This post only presents some selected datasets. Please refer to their official website for details on data collection procedures and terms of use there. 

Cylindrical Cells

Battery state of charge (SOC) was often estimated online using battery open circuit voltage (OCV) tests. This dataset compares two such estimation methods with the two OCV test methods under different temperatures. This dataset includes the test results for two OCV tests respectively as well as the dynamic test result on the different test profiles.

Prismatic Cells

This dataset collected the battery capacity decay with respect to their cycle times under different charging profiles. It can be used for monitoring the state of health (SOH) and predicting the remaining useful life (RUL). 

Pouch Cells

This dataset collected the battery SOC, change in SOC, discharge rate, and remaining capacity of tested batteries. one can study the impact of the different variables on the loss of battery capacities using this dataset.